New Site: Come and check out the new features!!

Published: 7 months ago By: Paydaygg


Welcome to PayDay 2.0!

This is our brand new site with lots of fabulous features designed to make your online gaming experience even better than ever and connect you with people and products on a global scale.


For those who had an account on our old site, all the new profile options and social media links available to you means you must reset your password to access all the new awesomeness now at your fingertips.


You may need to repopulate your profile with your links and info, too. It’s as simple as copy/paste and takes just a few seconds.


Welcome aboard! You are part of something never before seen in the online tournament world. All the automation you can now utilize means you spend less time telling people about your greatness and more time showing them. All the connectivity means you have more doors open to you and more eyeballs on your skills.

Getting Better Each Day

This is still just a framework, and we are adding files and structure on the back end as we integrate partners, test features, and make it all perfect. You will run into errors and things that might not make sense to you.


We are coding for issues with each browser as well as many other specific technical issues. You FireFox owners are next on the hit list. Stay the course with us, and we’ll get is all handled.


Please drop into our Discord, and let us know what’s going on. Our super secret coding ninjas can’t fix problems if they don’t know about them. Plus, RedVox was just telling me yesterday how bored she was and no one ever talks to her anymore.  

Stuff You Can Do Right Now!

There are a few things you can do right now to prepare yourself for the coming tide of greatness:


--Create a personal profile. Add your avatar, personal info, and social media links.


--Create a team profile with your slogan, upload your banner images and logos, and all the other necessary info.


--Use the site messaging feature and tell us about you, your team, and any problems that pop up.


--Tell your friends about the site. Get them into our Discord and connect with our team. We always enjoy meeting new friends.


And finally. . . .

--Tell us what games you want us to host. The publishers listen to their fans, and when you scream loud enough, good stuff happens.


Stay tuned here and on our Twitter feed for updates and announcements.